Friends, Waffles, Work.

I’m addicted to Parks and Rec. I’ve seen the entire series at least 3 times through.

I can’t explain it. Obviously it is an amazing show, a fact that is universally agreed upon. But my enjoyment goes beyond just a “haha, that is funny.” and it is more like an “Omg, I love every single moment of this program.” (Except the Mark Brandanawicz, or should I say Branda-quits story lines.)

I can turn this show on in the background as I cook or clean and I find myself laughing out loud. Each time I find a new hilarious nugget that I hadn’t noticed or remembered from the first time I watched it.

People often talk about television as something that sucks your time. Something that keeps you from being truly productive and a complete waste of energy. There are a lot, and I mean A LOT of shows that make me feel this way, but P&R is the exact opposite to me. It sparks a motivation within to do more in my community and for my friends. Amy Poehler (and the writers and supporting actors) make me feel like I can and should do more. I can be more. Something about this show explains a piece of my life to me that has always been lingering just under the surface.

When we are young, we see TV shows as a neat package of ideal lives. The characters lives may not always be perfect, but at the end of every 30 or 60 minutes the story line reaches full circle and there is always a happy little ending. Then we compare our lives to the characters and wonder what we need to do to achieve TV show perfection. As I get older, I’ve started to appreciate the moments they show on TV as the highlight reel and when I look around my life, I realize that in a sense, my life could be a TV show.

The comedy moments where my “April” coworker acts like she could care less about her job, but at the end of the day always gives it 100%. The “Ann Perkins” friend who shows up for me and will both tell me what I’m doing wrong and also support my every stupid decision. The “Ron” moments when someone I love completely disagrees with me and our passions are so far apart we wonder how we are even friends. There is the ridiculously positive “Chris Traeger” friend. The “Ben Wyatt” moments when I can’t stop staring at my husbands adorable butt my husband and I truly support one another

Maybe by starting this blog I’m trying to find and document those moments in my life. The “Ah-Ha, this is hilarious” moments. The Ann Perkins/Leslie Knope Friendship moments. The “look at that cute butt” moments. And through this process, I simply take the time to notice how hilarious and perfect my life really is.

Or maybe I’m just rambling.




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