I am a business owner. Like a real, in an office, business.

Before you get too excited, I’m my only employee. It is a service based business so I don’t have a lot of overhead, but I do have an office and rent and patients that rely on me on a daily basis. I don’t have anyone telling me what to do except for my clients. I don’t have quarterly reviews with my boss. I don’t receive a “paycheck” and my benefits are not of a tangible nature. Owning my own business makes me look at a lot of things differently.

I genuinely enjoy my job and I rarely mind going into work. Although we all have our days where staying in sweatpants seems way better than working. I can block off time in the schedule whenever I want to, so technically I get unlimited vacation days, but sadly, not a single one will ever be paid. I had to purchase some expensive disability insurance in order to keep the business going while I (hopefully/eventually) get to go on maternity leave. Calling in sick is a huge hassle. I’ve had to do it twice since I started my business nearly 3 years ago and it involved calling and emailing about 12 people each time.

I hope to create some running posts as my microbusiness grows and develops. I am certain that there are fellow micropreneurs out there that want to connect. Hopefully we can find support and assistance in each other.


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