Every Morning

I’ve always wanted to be a morning person. I’m in my 30s now and I’m JUST barely starting to get a hang of getting up with my first alarm. In elementary school my dad would wake me up with a cute little “get up little rosebud” song and then I put my clothes on while I was still UNDER the covers. In high school I set the alarm across the room, I would get up to shut it off and then climb back into bed. In college, well I often worked until 11pm so I milked every moment in the morning. Now that I’m 30 I feel like I’ve finally developed a routine…

Rebecca sends a group text of a motivational quote or picture and then I get up. I have to admit it is not the motivational text that gets me moving so much as the fact that if Becca can be up, so can I. (I might be a little competitive.)

Then I slide on my slippers, shuffle down stairs, and turn on the water to make my mug of coffee. As I stare blankly out into the dark and listen for my water to boil I think about how awesome I am, and how proud I am of myself for getting out of bed. (Also not too terribly humble.)

Then I take that hot mug of coffee back to my bedroom and I start to scroll through any other texts, usually Melissa has joined in at this point. (Katie, the 4th in the group text is usually not up with us yet.) Then I look at a couple blogs and think “I should start a blog”… Which brings me to this moment.

Morning Coffee Texts. Every morning.

I hope this blog becomes a place of sharing my relatable journey. It probably won’t be full of exciting pictures or DIY projects. I have a feeling it will wander a little until I find my true purpose here. But stick with me. I think we will both be surprised where we might find ourselves.


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